Our brand


This is MOG's logo, the one that should always be used. There are two versions to ensure optimum legibility.


This is the main logo. It should be used in this form whenever possible.

Inverted logo

This version with the white wordmark works well on dark and busy backgrounds


It’s MOG's logo stripped of its wordmark. Use it only when and where space is limited.

The main logo always come first

However, in certain situations where space is very tight, for instance when the logo has to be within a square or circle shape, the use of the glyph is allowed.

Our colors

We mainly use three colors

Web: #00386C

R: 0 G: 56 B: 158

C: 100 M: 60 Y: 0 K: 50


Web: #ED174C

R: 237 G: 23 B: 76

C: 0 M: 100 Y: 65 K: 0


Web: #F99D1C

R: 249 G: 157 B: 28

C: 0 M: 45 Y: 100 K: 0