“Yolo provides Vietnamese a more convenient and exciting mobile life”

Pham Duc Hai
CEO of YOLO Family

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Vision & Mission

YOLO Family is a project of MOG Vietnam which focus on developing many utility apps such as Yolo Browser, Yolo Browser Mini, Yolo Launcher, Yolo Air, etc., which are localized for Vietnamese mobile users.

Smartphone has been recently booming in Vietnam, but there are not many technology companies paying focus on providing utilities apps for Vietnamese users. Most of users have to come to foreign providers. Therefore, Yolo defines its mission is to bring the safest web-surfing environment and the best experience to Vietnamese mobile users.


Yolo Launcher is an app for Android that lets users customize their device’s home screen. We have developed many highlight features such as smart search, automatic RAM cleaner and booster, battery saving mode, quick personalization and users’ experience enrichment by recommending hottest deals on app market.

Yolo Browser is the first and fastest made-in-Vietnam mobile browser which allows its users to download variety types of files at high speed. This browser is also well-known for its ability to block 95% of malware and remove 99% of pop-up ads that helps clean up mobile phone as well as save 3G data.s


Eight months after launch, YOLO Family has reached 800,000 downloads in total and more than 10,000 daily active users. Besides, the team has successfully developed iOS version and mini version for Yolo Browser.