“mWork clients receive a transparent management tool, flexible payments, a safe business environment and Vietnam's best mobile revenue sharing model”

Dang Nhu Nga
CEO of Mwork

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Who We Are

Launched in 2012, mWork.vn is the first affiliate platform in Vietnam that helps digital content developers and publishers to reach millions of mobile users in a very short time. Catching just at right time as the pioneer and offering the most excellent good solution to mobile game industry, mWork grew very fast and became a very successful platform in the market.

What We Do

We provide an open platform to distribute digital contents to mobile users easily and quickly via an enormous developers/publishers network.

Our platform helps developers/publishers to distribute copyrighted digital contents to mobile users at highest economic efficiency without any marketing costs.

Our dashboard provide on-demand reporting & data analytic services in order to enable developers/publishers to monitor their working results with the utmost reliability and transparency.

What We've Achieved

With relentless efforts over the past 4 years, mWork now proudly claims itself as the No.1 mobile affiliate network in the mobile digital content industry of Vietnam with outstanding accomplishments as follows:

  • Be key partner of top 30 mobile digital-content developers/publishers in Vietnam.

  • Associate with more than 70K online agents worldwide.

  • Reach nearly 20 millions downloads monthly.

  • Has set up an network of 12K offline agents