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Tran Minh Tu
CEO of Admatic

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Who We Are

Admatic, a member of MOG Vietnam, provides a multi-channel advertising platform and bridges Vietnamese advertisers and publishers throughout the world.

As an offical partner of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Cheetah Mobile in Southeast Asia, we are a one-stop-shop for the four largest platforms offering multiple services and unique technology solutions to save marketers time.

What We Do

Admatic provides advertisers with the following services and benefits:

  • A full-service PC and mobile advertising platform offering data-driven marketing, programmatic advertising, mobile & web affiliate marketing...

  • A complete suite of adversizing campaigns (including CPA, CPC, CPM, CPD, CPR and both Incentive and Non-Incentive CPI)

  • Marketing solutions for increasing brand awareness

  • Implementation campaign templates

  • A smart platform enabling multiple points of contacts

  • Optimized campaigns that increase access to potential customers


Why choose us?

Admatic is proud to be a member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) - a biggest non-profit association on Mobile Marketing in the world

Advertisers that choose the Admatic solution receive the following benefits:

  • Optimize advertising campaigns

  • The right targets are reached at the right time

  • Comprehensive media plans

  • Transparent reports

  • Professional support services

  • Guided access to worldwide market