“1Pay is the best open e-Payment gateway in Vietnam and will soon be the best throughout South East Asia”

Luyen Ngoc Huy
CEO of 1Pay

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Who We Are

1Pay was established in 2013 and is a member of MOG Vietnam. 1Pay provides an open platform for e-payments, works as an intermediary payment gateway and focuses on optimizing payment effectiveness. With fast speed, high stability, a smart analysis system, and multidimensional reporting, 1Pay both supports and automates all integration methods and processes.

What We Do

  • 1Pay provides payment solutions to digital content providers and ecommerce platforms including Scratch Card Charging, SMS Charging, SMS Plus Charging, Visa/Master Charging, ATM Charging, API OTP Charging.

  • 1Pay provides API and SDK to merchants for payment integration, process charging and transmitting money automatically.

  • 1Pay provides an intelligent dashboard for merchants to follow up, manage and optimize their business online.

  • 1Pay offers merchants an attractive revenue sharing rate, with a fast and flexible payment policy.

What We've Achieved

  • In September 2013, 1Pay were one of the Top 5 start-up winners at Demo Asia and represented Vietnamese startups at Demo Fall 2013 in Silicon Valley.

  • At the same time, 1Pay had been integrated and used by over 50 game studios/publishers and over 1500 mobile developers and content providers throughout Vietnam.

  • With 3,000 merchants from 8 countries, 1Pay is now the most successful e-payment platform in Vietnam.